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"A safe and fast
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Search, find and navigate. With total privacy.

SearchAPE unites the best of two worlds: Google search results and absolute privacy protection.

So we provide a quick response and with a very secure request.

Your privacy comes first and the second speed.

No worries and personalized ads.

Without knowing it, people share a tremendous amount of personal information every time they connect to the Internet. SearchAPE protects your privacy and prevents your search terms from being used in advertising to send personalized ads that follow you everywhere.

Yes, they are really pages, We do not lie in the results

Get all the results, not just what they want you to see.

Other search engines offer results based on what they know about the user, rather than providing equitable access to the Internet. Basically, it will be stuck in a "bubble of filters". Some people call it customization. We prefer to call it censorship.

We show you everything

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